Sunday, July 28, 2013


Western Arctic Sea Ice Coverage Highest Since 2002 | Real Science
The amount of ice coverage has increased by 25% since last summer.
Arctic Sea Ice Extent Highest For The Date Since 2005 | Real Science
Government experts tell us that it will all melt in the next couple of weeks.
How a beer bottle helped reveal rapid past climate change | Simple Climate
[1952] Each drop brought Willi closer to revealing the secrets of Earth’s history, by giving scientists a way to work out temperature from ancient ice. In doing so, he would help show how climate can change much faster than experts had thought possible.
1. So the science *hasn't* been settled for two centuries?

2. Are we all buying the suggestion that someone can use ancient ice to accurately determine the global average temperature for the year 1,013?

3. If the climate can change so fast without human influence, why should we think that minimizing human influence will stop the climate from changing quickly?

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