Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Obama Re-Polarizes America: From Red vs. Blue States to Carbon vs. Anti-carbon | JunkScience.com
[National Journal] But in presidential races, Democrats can survive that hit: 17 of the 20 most carbon-intensive states (according to federal figures) voted for Mitt Romney in 2012, while 18 of the 20 least carbon-intensive backed Obama. The 14 Democratic senators from the most carbon-intensive states will face greater risk, but some would reduce their exposure by opposing any EPA regulation.
Climate change science has become an expensive smokescreen | The Australian
But it's not easy to stop a trillion-dollar juggernaut with facts. Any supranational emission reduction scheme that enforces conformity, provides generous subsidies, centralises authority, reduces competition, entrenches privilege for bureaucrats and the political class, and offers taxpayer-funded trips for the faithful to exotic locations will be strongly defended while the visible hardships these policies inflict are casually dismissed.

This is the world of climate change. The science has become an expensive smokescreen behind which vested interests hide.
Japan, Vietnam sign carbon offset market deal
TOKYO, July 2 (Reuters Point Carbon) - Vietnam has become the sixth country to sign up to a scheme that allows Japanese companies to earn cheap carbon credits by helping developing nations cut CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions, the Japanese government announced on Tuesday.
Poll after poll the hot air persists
I hope you're not sick of climate change politics. There's a good chance Australia will have five elections in a row dominated by carbon pricing. It has already been a centrepiece of the past two polls and Tony Abbott is framing the 2013 election as a ''referendum on the carbon tax''. But Kevin Rudd's return to The Lodge means carbon pricing could be the focus for a fourth and fifth election as well.

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