Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Alarmists Have Claimed Every Weather Event For The Past 140 Years To Be A Record | Real Science
[1871] We have often noticed that in the tabular statements of those compilers of weather records who write to the Times, useful and welcome as their communications are, every season is sure to be “extraordinary,” almost every month one of the driest or wettest, or windiest, coldest or hottest, ever known. Much observation, which ought to correct a tendency to exaggerate, seems in some minds to have rather a tendency to increase it.
Hansen Didn’t Know That The Climate Was Out Of Control In 1999 | Real Science
Apparently Hansen had his Armageddon epiphany around the same time as the invention of the hockey stick, which coincidentally was the same time when he started tampering with the temperature data.
UN globe-trotting leaves huge carbon footprint | JunkScience.com
Air travel still makes up half of per capita emissions of United Nations personnel.

That’s 4 tons per capita of over 221,000 UN staff “making this the biggest challenge” for the world organization to reduce its carbon footprint, according to the annual progress report on the organization’s journey towards climate neutrality.
Did polar bear numbers in E. Beaufort fluctuate each decade due to thick ice years? | polarbearscience
Now that we have a plausible explanation (previous post here) for why shorefast ice in the Eastern Beaufort got too thick for ringed seals every ten years or so, it’s time to talk about the effect that this recurring sea ice phenomenon might have had on polar bear population numbers.

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