Thursday, July 25, 2013


Twitter / clim8resistance: The fact that Monbiot has to ...
The fact that Monbiot has to search for a word that means 'person who hates the natural world' should demonstrate to him that nobody does.
Twitter / Revkin: Nature *comment* on Arctic ...
Nature *comment* on Arctic methane bomb cost now scientific finding: attn
Twitter / Roddy_Campbell: BBC's @afneil interview of ...
BBC's interview of Climate Minister is 'undermining the democratic process': Bob Ward. Amazing.
New study says Western Hudson Bay polar bears could spend 2 to 4 months longer on shore than they do now | polarbearscience
the model results generated by these authors suggested that many (but not all) bears had enough fat reserves to last them through the current 4 month fast but some had enough to endure a 5-6 month fast.
Krauthammer: Obama Hurt His Global Warming Fight by Flying to Deliver ‘Completely Empty’ Speech | Washington Free Beacon
The main complaint I would have is that if he wanted to deliver a completely empty speech and you do it in Washington, you’ll save the CO2 emissions that you get on Air Force One from delivering it in Illinois, so that’s the main critique I would offer, from a global warming perspective

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