Friday, July 05, 2013


Communicating the risks and uncertainties of climate change at the science and technology committee | Carbon Brief
The scientists on the panel revealed they are often not comfortable with the way climate data is shown in the media, and in particular often judge headlines inaccurate.
The pause. | Pointman's
At this stage, even Pope Hansen I of the Church of Climatology has grudgingly admitted nothing much is fricking-well happening and given that other ecclesiastical worthies like Archbishop Jones of Norwich and the rarely ecumenical conclave of cardinals at the Met Office have already said pretty much the same, things are looking a bit desperate for the church.

The winds of heresy are blowing across the lands of their faltering empire, the denialist hordes of the latter-day Ottoman Turks are swirling around the base of the once impregnable walls of Crustantinople and most embarrassing of all, the only climatic thing going up appears to be the level of CO2...
NO… ‘climate conspiracy theories’ don’t derive from Climategate — they were validated by it! |
… and there were no independent investigations into Climategate, either!

97% Nonsensus chef John Cook writes...
Shock: Charles Krauthammer favors global treaty to reduce CO2 emissions |
Krauthammer doesn’t like Obama’s central climate control, but apparently would like some flavor of it. Who knew?

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