Saturday, July 06, 2013


Feds give solar plants priority over mining on public lands -
Utility-scale solar plants have been given priority over mining claims on federal lands, according to a decision announced Friday.
Twitter / RichardTol: McKitrick is being naughty ...
McKitrick is being naughty again [Average household size and the eradication of malaria] accepted for JRSS-A in time for IPCC AR5
‘The Science is Settled’ is a Mirage | Somewhat Reasonable
Hold on to your hats. Atomic weights have been changed for five elements shown by the June 12, 2013, announcement “Not So Constant: Atomic Weights Changed for Five Chemical Elements” from the United States Geological Survey. The elements whose atomic weights were changed are magnesium, bromine, germanium, indium, and mercury.
Rancher attacked by grizzly [blames CO2] - The Denver Post
He believes global warming is driving bears out of their normal habitat in the mountains, where they can find cutthroat trout, white bark pine nuts and other natural food sources. He hopes the bear that attacked him has since found safety and food in the high country.

"I hope she can get up there and gets fat and sassy," he said.  [Via DB.  So CO2 made it so warm up high that the bear fled to lower, warmer elevations?  And now it's going back to the CO2-ravaged foodless area to fatten up?]

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