Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Maine lobster coalition calls for action to avert climate threats | The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram
The lobster population in the Gulf of Maine is exploding as crustaceans abandon warmer water in southern New England and move north, marine biologists have documented.

The surge in lobster numbers in the Gulf of Maine has led to oversupply, which last year caused the per-pound price at the pier to dip as low as $2.50 in some areas of the coast.
Twitter / VORTEXJeff: Email from @ametsoc: Lists ...
Email from : Lists top 10 climate disasters of 2012, but all are WEATHER disasters. Absolutely embarrassing.
Twitter / etzpcm: Prof Sutton: Twitter has led ...
Prof Sutton: Twitter has led to interaction between climate sceptics and climate scientists, improved understanding.
The Coming Hellhole – Exhibit #7 of the Drama Queen Files | NoFrakkingConsensus
What is it about doomsters? Are they genetically pre-disposed to see everything in the worst possible light? Or do they wake up one morning and consciously decide to be one of those pinched, sour-faced individuals who walks into a room and sucks all the joy, hope, and optimism out of it?

Nothing is sacred as far as these scolding schoolmarms are concerned. No small pleasure escapes their condemnation.

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