Wednesday, July 03, 2013


Al Gore: Is There a Nielsen-veto of Inconvenient Truths?
Do aggrieved, self-polarizing reactionaries now have a Nielsen-veto over objective reporting of inconvenient truths?
Bette Midler docutweets climate change extremes, also known as weather | Twitchy
The temperature in New York City is about 79 degrees at the moment. You may think that seems rather pleasant, but amateur climatologist Bette Midler seems to think it is surefire proof of climate change — in this case, global cooling. That comes six months after she was worrying about global warming.
One landmark old study shows 75% of people give the wrong answer just to follow the herd « JoNova
What’s especially interesting to me is that it only took one “partner” who spoke the truth, to break the group effect. This is good news for the brave skeptical commenters who venture to sites and media-outlets where groupthink is at it’s most nakedly noxious. It’s also why the one person that speaks up to defend a victim can deflate the bully.
Indian columnist: Obama climate plan ‘hollow’, little more than clean energy imperialism |

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