Friday, July 26, 2013


Remember When They Talked About Tornadoes For A Couple Of Days? | Real Science

Caution : This graph is too complicated for climate alarmists.
Fox News : Missing South Carolina Sea Ice Stranding Baby Seals | Real Science
Here is the same story from 1990.
The Latest Alarmist Panic | Real Science
Some ice buoy far away from the North Pole has surface melt, just like every July.
This is what the North Pole looked like in 1962.
The Reference Frame: Reuters' climate alarmism down by 50% since 2012
52% of the climate hysteria we had seen before April 2012 is still too much, however. Moreover, there are many other agencies and news outlets that haven't been dehysterized, not even to Reuters' modest extent. But Reuters is an important enough agency and this order-one correction is moderately good news, anyway.

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