Monday, July 01, 2013


EU debates U-turn on biofuels policy : Nature News & Comment
Key vote could signal withdrawal of support from biodiesel.
EPA sends climate rule for future coal plants to White House |
[Politico] EPA just hit the accelerator in its push to fulfill President Barack Obama’s climate promises.

The agency has sent the White House a new draft of its proposed greenhouse gas rule for future power plants, POLITICO learned Monday — less than a week after Obama announced he was ordering the EPA to undertake a huge effort to throttle carbon pollution from the power industry.

The substance of the draft is confidential and may not become public for months.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Obama's Anti-Energy Agenda
He threatens to cut off the fuel the economy needs.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Swedish scientist replicates Dr. Murry Salby's work, finding man-made CO2 does not drive climate change
Swedish climate scientist Pehr Björnbom has recently replicated the work of Dr. Murry Salby, finding that temperature, not man-made CO2, drives CO2 concentration in the atmosphere.
Heat Waves Validate the Skeptics | Watts Up With That?
The heat wave and near record-breaking temperatures in Death Valley provides a superb teaching moment to show why CO2 has nothing to do with heat waves whether the record is ever broken or not.

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