Friday, July 12, 2013


Kentucky Climate Deniers: Fitz Steele, Stan Lee Say Climate Change Not In Humans' Control
"The climate's always going to change," Republican state Rep. Stan Lee said. "We're not in control of this world. ... There is one who is in control but it ain't any of us. And to think that we can change what he created I think is short-sighted and foolish."
"We're not blind. We know there is a war on coal," Democratic state Rep. Fitz Steele said. "There has been climate change since the beginning of time," he added. "There is not but one fellow that can control it ... It's going to change no matter what."
Sneaky Sea Level Hides From California | Real Science
Hansen tells us that sea level is rising several metres this century, but like many other aspects of climate science, sea level rise is being very sneaky – and is cleverly avoiding California
C3: Global Warming Decelerates During Satellite Era: CO2 Causes Earth's Temperatures To Stabilize
A trend analysis of the RSS satellite dataset would reveal a modest global cooling since January 2000, while at the same time, vast amounts of human CO2 emissions were injected into the atmosphere having zero warming impact - in addition, reviewing the empirical measurements since the beginning of the satellite era indicates that huge record-setting CO2 emissions have not caused the IPCC's predicted "accelerating," and "dangerous" global warming, instead temps decelerated

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