Friday, July 12, 2013


GOP “Climate Disconnect” Would Sacrifice Climate Research for Weather Forecasting
The innocuous-sounding legislation would improve weather forecasting research, but do so by cutting NOAA’s spending on climate change research. The bill eventually passed out of the subcommittee by a voice vote along partisan lines.
Hockey Team Tutorial | Real Science
In order to become a highly respected climate scientist, follow these simple guidelines.

Adjust recent temperatures upwards, and older temperatures downwards
Adjust the data to compensate for the fact that UHI effects cause incorrectly low recent temperature readings...
German Resistance: Mutiny In The Land Of Wind Turbines | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)
Germany plans to build 60,000 new wind turbines — in forests, in the foothills of the Alps and even in protected environmental areas. But local residents are up in arms, costs are skyrocketing and Germany’s determination to phase out nuclear power is in danger.
Twitter / jiminhofe: The President's climate agenda ...
The President's climate agenda will destroy the economy, but I'm fighting to keep OK's energy sector & economy strong

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