Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Fulfilling The Global Need For Climate Science Information: NoTricksZone Reaches 5 Million Hits
unlike many of the warmist blogs out there, I receive no donations at all from anyone. It’s just me speaking out.
The Naïveté We Need: Notes on a Climate Action [You know what fighting CO2-induced bad weather is allegedly like?  Fighting slavery!!] | The Nation
We can’t help thinking of all the “unwinnable” fights of the past—to abolish slavery and end segregation, to win labor rights, women’s rights, gay rights—and we’re grateful for those naïve enough to have fought them. [Via MT]
The IPCC, UFOs & Pseudoscience | NoFrakkingConsensus
The head of the IPCC has written a novel in which the central character is infatuated with pseudoscience and in which UFO enthusiast Shirley MacLaine is presented as credible. The final installment of the Nobel Laureate Summer Reading series.
The Age of Hyperbole: How Normal Weather Became ‘Extreme’ | Watts Up With That?
A media without shame drives us towards energy poverty.
Eco Films » Climate Resistance
Given their hysterical claims of looming catastrophe, planetary extinction and ice ages it’s revealing that all we are advised to do is change a light bulb. Treating us like children consigned to the ‘naughty step’, as a scourge on the planet and ultimately ‘stupid’, these films are profoundly anti-human.
NO… the EPA does not ‘work fruitfully’ with business; EPA coerces and bullies businesses |

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