Sunday, July 28, 2013


After Delayed Vote, E.P.A. Gains a Tough Leader to Tackle Climate Change -
Mr. Obama’s decision to nominate Ms. McCarthy, 59, was an act of defiance to Congressional and industry opponents of meaningful action on climate change. It was also a sign of his determination to at least begin to put in place rules to reduce carbon pollution.
A New Strategy | Real Science
Having fallen flat on their faces with any attempt at sane argument, alarmists have gone completely off the deep end with their desperate forecasts of doom. At this point they are far out of bounds of the IPCC and consensus science. For example, Josh Willis claiming this week that the best estimate for sea level rise is multi-metre.

The idea now is to use the IPCC report and consensus science against the scamsters.
On the 97 percenters: ‘You Must Admit, They Were Careful’ | Watts Up With That?
The important thing to realize is they did this very carefully. They intentionally used wording that could be easily misunderstood then promoted misunderstandings that arose from it. In other words, they laundered lies.

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