Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Siberia: Ostrich dies from hypothermia after feet are frozen to the floor during power cut
Zoo director Tatiana Karpukhina said: 'The thing is we do look after all our animals well. This ostrich arrived to our zoo seven years ago and has wintered well since. The frosts this winter were truly severe. Of course we took some advance measures and bought extra heating devices - but sadly that night there was a power cut.
Twitter / ClimateOfGavin: IMO framing advocacy as a 'moral' ...
IMO framing advocacy as a 'moral' issue, not particularly useful. Moral imperative is to be honest (6/n) @flimsin @edhawkins @alicebell
I don't see the point of building a future for myself : SuicideWatch
This is a throw away account just because this is pretty personal. I'm considering suicide because of global warming. I know it sounds kind of crazy, and maybe I've read too many ThinkProgress articles, but it seems like human civilization is completely doomed in my life time because of global warming. Why should I bother working hard in college if there isn't even going to be a future worth living in? I can't handle this feeling of impending doom. I'd rather just quit we'll am ahead so to speak.
More Hints of September (evidence of a summer temperature roller coaster ride) | Paul Douglas on Weather |
The National Weather Service says last Saturday brought the coolest July temperature (36F) ever observed in southern Minnesota at 850 millibars (4,100 feet).

It may be an omen of freakish August cool fronts to come. ECMWF (European) guidance shows another jab of chilly air pouring south the second week of August. If this verifies we could see some 50s up north: metro highs in the 60s.
Arctic methane catastrophe scenario is based on new empirical observations | Nafeez Ahmed | Environment |
Dr Gavin Schmidt, climate modeller at NASA, was also cited claiming lack of evidence from ice cores of previous catastrophic methane pulses in the Earth's history in the Early Holocene or Eamian, when Arctic temperatures were warmer than today. But the blanket references to the past may well be irrelevant.

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Otter said...

'blanket references to the past may well be irrelevant.'

When it comes to climate alarmism, ALL references to the past are considered irrelevant!