Thursday, July 11, 2013


Warmist Hypocrisy Alert: Michael Mann now okay with using Bible in global warming debate |
Now Mann is happy to support warmist evangelical Katharine Hayhoe when she invokes the Bible
Hurricane Bluster | Cato @ Liberty
Contrary to the media bluster being generated by the new study, the true bluster of future hurricanes impacting the U.S. will likely be little different in the coming century than it was during the last—with any impact of anthropogenic climate change lost in the noise of the natural system.
The Insurance Industry’s Liberal Turn - The Daily Beast
Insurers don’t have to watch Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth to grasp the threat posed by higher air and water temperatures and rising seas. They see it in their daily lives.
Nature: [That midsummer fossil-fueled Helsinki junket was "a blast"; also, science journalists should do "true investigation into scientific matters"]
Midsummer in Helsinki is a blast. The nights are white and the pavement caf├ęs crowded. Last month, an unusual ingredient joined the mix: more than 800 journalists, science communicators and scientists from 77 countries, there for the biennial World Conference of Science Journalists.
To be sure, there has been good journalism on scientific matters in the past. But most newspaper science pages — then as now — were filled with stories, albeit well-written ones, about press-released research papers. True investigation into scientific matters, such as journalist Brian Deer’s dismantling of the claim that vaccines are linked to autism, or a report in the Financial Times this year about the mysterious death of a US scientist working for the Singaporean government on a technology with military applications, has often reached beyond the science desk.
Twitter / RogerAPielkeSr: "dozens of major groups ...are ...
"dozens of major groups ...are doing state-of-the-art global climate predictions for next century." What a waste.
Cliff Mass Weather Blog: Climate Versus Weather Prediction: Do We Need to Rebalance?
As a researcher at a leading university that does both climate and weather research, let me assure you it is MUCH easier to get funding for climate research than weather prediction-related research. NSF, NASA, NOAA and many agencies have big money for climate research, while NOAA is constantly zeroing out their funding for extramural weather research (like their CSTAR program). A real eye opener.

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