Thursday, July 18, 2013


Minnesota wind farm booster faces new federal indictment -
Greg Jaunich has been down this road before.
In 2007, Jaunich of North Oaks was indicted for overcharging a utility company and the state of Minnesota $500,000 for wind-generated electricity.
But as that case played out, he already was raising money for another wind farm venture, dubbed the Averill Project, according to a new indictment filed this week.
Those charges, filed in federal court in Minnesota, include five counts of mail fraud. All of the counts are related to letters Jaunich sent to investors in June 2008, in which he allegedly made false claims about the progress of the Averill Project, which was planned for Clay County, Minn.
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Why did David Cameron promise to lead the 'greenest government ever'? News because he thought there were votes in it
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