Thursday, July 25, 2013


Global Warming Causes Warm/Cold, Wet/Dry, Bigger/Smaller Lobsters |
The PR gurus at the Dept of AGW can still salvage this one by making sure all future reports repeat an agreed-upon narrative about “lobster lifestyle disruption”.
Royal Baby Joins Generation Royally Challenged by Climate Change | Shaye Wolf
Researchers say storm surges will become 10 times more frequent as the planet warms.
Twitter / [Suzanne Goldenberg]
Methane mischief: misleading commentary published in Nature
Methane mischief: misleading commentary published in Nature
[Jason Samenow, Washington Post blogs] Convincing climate science needs evidence-based, carefully articulated communication, not speculative, unqualified hype.
Andrew Neil's phoney war against the 'climate mafia'
[Dr Catherine Happer] Neil may feel that the inclusion of sceptical voices on the science of climate change is a necessary element of a democratic and free media, but climate science isn’t like other forms of science. The closeness of those representing the gas and oil industries to government is having undue influence over the decarbonisation strategy the public so supports. We should turn our attention to that if the preservation of democracy and free speech are principles we hold dear.
The Conversation
Dr Catherine Happer was awarded a First in Sociology from the University of Glasgow and the Adam Smith prize as the top student of her year, then went on to complete a PhD in communications from Lancaster University.

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