Saturday, July 20, 2013


2013 Ice Free Arctic Forecasts From The World’s Top Experts | Real Science
Many leading experts have predicted an ice free Arctic in about six weeks.
Global Warming May Have Prevented Several Weather Disasters | Heartlander Magazine
Global warming may have prevented several deadly weather disasters from striking the United States during the past year, according to an analysis by climate scientist Chip Knappenberger.

“For every billion-dollar weather disaster identified as being ‘consistent with’ human-caused global warming, there are probably several other potential billion-dollar weather disasters that human-caused global warming averted,” Knappenberger observed in his analysis.
More bad news for the UN IPCC.: ‘The two satellite records continue to show cooling; All three surface air temperature records continue to show negative temperature trend for the last 5 & 10 years’ | Climate Depot

Twitter / NoDirectAction: The Roman Warm Period, Medieval ...
The Roman Warm Period, Medieval Warm Period and Modern Warm Period look so good together

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