Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Twitter / etzpcm: "Scientists are trying to get ...
Scientists are trying to get themselves on the telly by saying outrageous things." Like Peter Wadhams and ?
Here Is a Video of One Lobster Eating Another Lobster | Mother Jones
Warming waters can cause lobsters to grow larger and produce more offspring
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Review finds the Medieval Warm Period was global & generally warmer than the present
A new paper from SPPI & CO2 Science reviews evidence of the Medieval Warm Period in the southern portion of North America, and finds "the studies herein reviewed clearly demonstrate the existence of a Medieval Warm Period far removed from the stomping grounds of the Nordic Vikings, while simultaneously helping to debunk the climate-alarmist claim that the MWP was a minor non-global phenomenon. Quite to the contrary, the MWP was truly global in extent, as demonstrated by data obtained on all of earth's continents; and it was characterized by temperatures that were generally higher than those of the recent past and present. And it did so in an atmosphere with a CO2 concentration on the order of only 285 ppm, as compared to the 400 ppm of today."
Twitter / RogerPielkeJr: Silence speaks loudly MT ...
Silence speaks loudly MT ": PielkeJr Senate tstmny provides chance for rebuttal by critics. Anyone out there? "
Big carbon tax bill on Australian fruit - ABC Rural (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
The largest apple and pear grower and packer in the country paid $350,000 of carbon tax last year.

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