Friday, July 05, 2013


Ten billions reasons to be scared of climate change | The Australian
Microsoft flew [Emmott] out to Seattle, heard his pitch, put him in charge, and some ten years later his models have dragged him to the heart of the most acrimonious argument in science.

He affects bafflement at climate scepticism: "I have no idea why people don't believe what is overwhelming evidence for climate change," he says.
Emmott is braced for it. He sees the nastiness as part of a trend among climate change deniers to attack the messenger as evidence for the message [like what, specifically?] mounts up.
Twitter / latimeralder: @JWSpry @justintempler @JenBriney ...
@JWSpry @justintempler @JenBriney @climatebrad @JoeSquawk 3rd rule of climatology 'shut up you well-funded big oil denier'
Twitter / latimeralder: @JWSpry @justintempler @JenBriney ...
@JWSpry @justintempler @JenBriney @climatebrad @JoeSquawk 2nd rule of climatology 'we are climate scientists, you are not'
Twitter / latimeralder: @JWSpry @justintempler @JenBriney ...
@JWSpry @justintempler @JenBriney @climatebrad @JoeSquawk 1st rule of climatology..'warming is evidence, anything else is noise'

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