Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Cold snap stunts corn, soybeans - Wisconsin
A week after experiencing record heat and significant field progress, crop watchers across Wisconsin are seeing stunted corn and soybean growth due to a recent cold snap.

Monday’s report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture said that cities statewide — including Madison — set record-lows for daytime temperatures Saturday. The capital city's average temperature of 67 degrees last week if five points below the traditional mark.
Claim: Burning a liter of gas increases ocean volume by 647 liters | JunkScience.com
One single liter of petroleum gas burned may add 647 liters of sea volume.
Baffin Bay polar bear status – waiting for the count | polarbearscience
Here’s a quick summary of the status of Baffin Bay polar bears, a subpopulation I’ve not previously discussed in detail. Nothing especially earth-shattering here, except perhaps to wonder about the involvement of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in a new helicopter survey of the region.
Germans, Danes pay 300% more than Americans for electricity — courtesy of wind, solar mandates | JunkScience.com
From the Wall Street Journal’s “Europe’s Renewable Romance Fades”
Eco Violence "Direct Action" Openly Advocated - Climate Change Dispatch • Climate Change Dispatch
"Sometimes you have to shed blood" "There's certain times to use peaceful tactics, and certain times to use more aggressive tactics" "I'm on the non violent side... I have nothing against violence... it could be necessary". Enviro hippies and anarchists gather for a supposedly "non violent direct action" training session, just prior to the kayak floatilla organized by Portland Rising Tide.

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One of them militia groups Janet Napolitano warned us about.