Tuesday, July 09, 2013


It's Time To Sequester Green Energy Subsidies, Not Mythical Oil And Gas Tax Breaks - Forbes
Then-Senator John Kerry (D-Mass) wrote a letter to Obama stating, in part: “We simply cannot afford to cut LIHEAP funding during one of the most brutal winters in history. Families across Massachusetts, and the country, depend upon these monies to heat their homes and survive the season.”

Incidentally, wasn’t all that global warming that Kerry has been alarmed about supposed to remove that brutal winter peril?
David Rose and the deep ocean PCC complaint – Shub Niggurath Climate
It has to dawn on its owners, that explaining the flat trend by ‘deep ocean heating’ involves accepting the flatness to be real.
In 50 Years Our Children Won’t Know What Cold Loving Microbes Are | Tory Aardvark
The mean global temperature for 2012 was 14C, in the planets long history the mean global temperature has been far higher in the past, for example at the start of the Triassic period, about 248 million years ago the mean global temperature was about 24C, and the cold loving microbes obviously survived or we would not be here right now.
Twitter / RogerAPielkeSr: The IPCC has failed to ...
The IPCC has failed to communicate that the “projections” are only providing, at best, what is possible - see

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