Tuesday, July 30, 2013


How to talk to a conservative about climate change - Salon.com
in order to convince opinion leaders outside the so-called “left-wing ghetto” that global warming is an urgent issue, campaigners need to speak a different language. And that might mean not invoking “green” values at all...That’s a lesson General Electric seems to have learned. In 2005 it unveiled a major public relations campaign called “Ecomagination,” pledging to invest $1.5 billion in clean technologies by 2010. Late last year, however, when announcing plans to develop the “Industrial Internet,”which could arguably produce gigantic green benefits, General Electric shunned “any mention of climate change or sustainability,” GreenBiz reported.
Taxpayer Millions Squandered on EV Charging Study Project | National Legal and Policy Center
An audit by the Department of Energy’s Inspector General found that the persistent weak demand for electric vehicles harmed the deployment and timeliness of a $135 million-plus taxpayer funded charging network, which spun a cycle of excessive grants and project expansion, that led to an enormous waste of public money.  [So how much has each "free" car charge cost taxpayers to date?]
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: For alot of the nation, much ...
For alot of the nation, much like 2004, a year without an August is on the way as cool will be more like Sept norms
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: 3 of last 4 cold US Augusts ...
3 of last 4 cold US Augusts had high impact hurricane hits on US aug or Sep, 1999,2004,2008. If hurricane hit expect AGW bologna barrage
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: Chantal-dies. Dorian-dies ...
Chantal-dies. Dorian-dies Flossie-dies. N hem ace less than 50% ave. So why doesnt this count AGAINST co2 induced storm hysteria?

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