Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Twitter / Skilling
Day #8 of blo nrml temps in Chi-just one 80 in July's closing wk. Past 7 days hv avg'd 8.1-deg blo nrml; the coolest July 23-29 on record!
Twitter / juliancd38: @RyanMaue Who let Bill Nye ...

Who let Bill Nye write the news? Flossie apparently hit NC, Philly, and Grand Canyon before Hawaii

Flossie fantasy: Laughably erroneous weather story in IBT
Meteorologists and science writers on Twitter have been swift to ridicule the IBT piece
Twitter / RyanMaue: While the @IBTimes article ...
While the @IBTimes article on #Flossie was hopefully unintentional blooper, North Pole melting stories last week were intentional frauds.
Twitter / RichardTol: IPCC WG2 AR5 deadline is this ...
IPCC WG2 AR5 deadline is this week: Time to get your scare stories in. Science will go major stupid on Thursday.
Twitter / RichardTol: The advantage of publishing ...
The advantage of publishing just before the IPCC deadline is that rebuttals will have to wait for the next assessment report.

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