Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Global Warming: it’s Happening Again - Capitol Hill Outsider
[Dennis Avery on warmist Heidi Cullen] Her science career was looking good; but, she chose to become a TV star and author of a book entitled The Weather of the Future. The book, unfortunately, abandons everything she learned about the documented 1,500-year climate cycle. If Dr. Cullen had remained true to her scientific training and experience, she would have told us that the global climate is constantly cycling, but within natural parameters.
In the short term, the weather will obey the dictates of the Pacific Ocean, our biggest heat sink. The Pacific’s 60-year warm/cool cycle, superimposed on the 1,500-year cycle, currently predicts continued global cooling—until long after the current crop of politicians has retired or been defeated.

Dr. Cullen tried becoming famous with honest science, and hardly anyone noticed her. Now, her current celebrity is likely to fade with the declining temperatures.
Shocker: Global Warming Kneejerker Admits It | Daily Pundit
What? Global warming true believers making knee-jerk assumptions? Perish the thought.

Kudos for owning up, though.
More Carbon Emissions = Less Global Warming? | Observations, Scientific American Blog Network
indeed, prior IPCC temperature projections have held up.
In his own assessment of the numbers, Dana Nuccitelli, a physicist who writes at the Skeptical Science blog—known for deep analysis of these matters—notes that the 1.5 degrees C case would only be possible if the world stopped increasing emissions by 2020 and then began reducing them by 3.5 percent a year.

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