Monday, July 08, 2013


Proof the UN Doesn’t Believe There’s a Climate Crisis | NoFrakkingConsensus
Five years after they said they’d get right on it, more than one-quarter of UN organizations have done nothing about their carbon footprint.
The return of the green Nazi | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
The Nazis drew heavily on a romantic, anti-science, nature worshipping, communal and anti-capitalist movement that tied German identity to German forests. In fact, Professor Raymond Dominick notes in his book, The Environmental Movement in Germany, two-thirds of the members of Germany’s main nature clubs had joined the Nazi Party by 1939, compared with just 10 per cent of all men. The Nazis also absorbed the German Youth Movement, the Wandervogel, which talked of our mystical relationship with the earth.
Whatever Happened to "Green Jobs"? | Mother Jones
[English major Chris Mooney] Notably, all of these necessary elements for Obama’s messaging shift were in place prior to Superstorm Sandy. That event just put it over the top, accompanied by multiple exclamation points. A new climate message was born, impelled by reality itself. Obama then chose his moment and delivered a climate speech for the ages.
My dream is to make renewable energy affordable for all: Steven Chu - The Economic Times
[Chu] Solar energy being too expensive is not something one has to worry about

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