Thursday, July 11, 2013


Europe's harsh winter | The Australian
I HAVE just returned from Europe where the main topic of conversation was the harsh winter, cold spring, delayed summer and a series of climatic extremes. Many were concerned about energy and food security as long-term weather forecasters were predicting these conditions would continue for several decades.
I found that global warming alarmists were generally despised in Europe as their false prophesies have hindered preparations for this new climate change
Dangerous global warming could be reversed, say scientists | Environment |
Global warming could be reversed using a combination of burning trees and crops for energy, and capturing and storing carbon dioxide underground (CCS), according to an analysis by scientists
Netherlands: Consequences of February frost in 2012 now evident in fruit crops
The winter frost in February 2012 has caused 25-30 million extra damages to fruit crops in 2013. The damage includes loss of plant stands and a reduction in harvest. The largest portion, 15-17 million, consists of harvest damage. These are the results of a survey which was conducted by the Dutch Fruit Growers Association which was held last week. The results will have an effect of the size of the Dutch apple and pear harvest in 2013.
Climate Change Will Cause More Energy Breakdowns, U.S. Warns -
Every corner of the country’s energy infrastructure — oil wells, hydroelectric dams, nuclear power plants — will be stressed in coming years by more intense storms, rising seas, higher temperatures and more frequent droughts.

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