Monday, July 29, 2013


Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: August looks like a top 5 ...
August looks like a top 5 cold August on the ECMWF last 30 years. Texas the center of small area above in south. Dang
Once Resilient, Trees In The West Now More Vulnerable To Fires : NPR
Trees are no strangers to heat and drought — they're pretty tough.
Nobel Laureate Summer Reading – Part 4 | NoFrakkingConsensus
...In 2007, another son of India accepted a Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of the organization he heads. Apparently that magically turned him, personally, into a Nobel laureate.
Obama: Keystone XL Jobs are a 'Blip' | National Review Online
You can stop chuckling now, Mr. President, because your phony claims about fixing the economy are no laughing matter.
The 97% ‘consensus’: Part II | Climate Etc.
[Judith Curry] Until less than a year ago, anyone who spoke too loudly about the pause and possibility of natural variability dominating climate change was called a ‘denier’. Now the the establishment is scrambling to explain the pause in context of the ‘inevitable’ dangerous anthropogenic climate change, we have about a half dozen different competing explanations. At some point temperatures will increase at some point; the question is when, and how much anthropogenic CO2 will have contributed to that increase.

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