Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Climate change’s nasty new natural disaster: ‘Himalayan tsunamis’ | GlobalPost
In June, a glacial lake burst through its banks, killing thousands. Expect more such ‘mega-floods,’ experts say.
America can withstand any ‘global warming’ - The Pampa News: Opinion
Enough of tip toeing through geological chronology. Naturally-occurring global warming on Mother Earth has switched on and off throughout the ages. Who’s to say Earth is not experiencing another? Al Gore? If there is any country (Russia, China, India being the greatest polluters) on the face of this great globe that is more concerned with what is emitted into the atmosphere, in water, and on land — it is America. America possesses the technological wherewithal to withstand any type of global warming, but for some to deny the natural-occurring phenomena and blame it soley on mankind is nothing but short sighted.
Kivalina: America's first climate change refugees: Hundreds forced to flee their Alaskan village before it disappears underwater within a decade | Mail Online
Speaking to the BBC, Kivalina council leader, Colleen Swanm, said: 'If we're still here in 10 years time we either wait for the flood and die, or just walk away and go someplace else.  [I'm confused:  If they're "forced to flee", why would they still be there in 10 years?]

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