Saturday, July 20, 2013


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@usNWSgov say 100 million under heat advisory warnings yet many won't react with same urgency as tornado/hurricane but temp extremes kill 2
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@DrShepherd2013 @usNWSgov Thousands died past couple winters in Europe from cold on the other end. #extremes
News Agencies Begin Ignoring Climate Change, Because America Doesn't Care
Rather than being the evidence of a global, anti-science, climate-denying cabal, Reuters's decision reflects a far more troubling trend: the news is covering it less because, frankly, we just don't care anymore...Chances are, though you will mock and debate climate change deniers until your dying breath, climate change ranks low in your list of priorities...No matter how much we know climate change is happening, increasingly we can't be bothered.
Doc's Rainy Day Web Site » Dear Global Warming Denier
My ultimate goal here is to write the last global warming article you'll ever need to read. The idea is to get everything right up front and get all those pesky questions answered, once and for all. There aren't any mysteries here.
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There is one simple, basic rule for defective papers: follow the trail of non-released raw data.

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