Monday, July 22, 2013


Democratic Lies Are Burning | Real Science
This year may well finish as the quietest fire year on record in the US.
Alarmist strategy has degenerated to picking out isolated events with no historical context. Fraud is the new normal for progressives.
Twitter / BjornLomborg: Peak peak oil? The main website ...
Peak peak oil? The main website worried about running out of oil is closing due to lack of content.
NBC Cheers 'Firebrand for Science' Bill Nye Pushing Climate Change | NewsBusters
Rather than feature any scientists skeptical of man-made climate change, the segment went on to show Nye being cheered on by adoring fans at various speaking events.
How Americans Get To Work, In 2 Graphs : Planet Money : NPR
More than ever, Americans are getting to work by driving alone.

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