Monday, July 01, 2013


While Michael Mann supports pro-coal gubernatorial candidate he tweets anti-coal |
While Michael Mann supports Democrat and pro-coal candidate Terry McAuliffe in the Virgina gubernatorial race, Mann propagandizes against coal. Here are some of his latest tweets:
Alarmists Lose Interest In Greenland | Real Science
The hottest week of summer is here, and the temperature is -23C on the Greenland ice sheet.
Plant Life Prospers: Alarmists Complain about Pollen | Heartlander Magazine
Doing their best to turn wine into vinegar, global warming alarmists and their media allies are ignoring the many benefits of enhanced plant life and instead crying woe about enhanced plant life causing more asthma.

Given a choice between (a) abundant plant life and crop production modestly tempered by more pollen in the air and (b) dwindling crop production and more sparse vegetation with a very thin silver lining of less pollen in the air, most people would likely choose scenario (a). Global warming alarmists, however, don’t want us to know scenario (a) even exists.
India to Eclipse China as World’s Coal Power, Buoying BHP - Bloomberg
India is burning coal in power plants at the fastest pace in 31 years.

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