Thursday, July 11, 2013


One Minnesota Weather Station vs. 133 Years of Global Warming
To show how this chart is exaggerated I chose one weather station in Brainerd Minnesota and collected the raw data from the last 10 years and super imposed the global mean chart over it to show that a one degree temperature shift one way or the other is almost imperceptible.

The Brainerd chart shows a 139 degree span in one year. If you were to include temperatures from the whole globe the Y axis would show almost a 200 degree span and yet we are worried what amounts to about a 1% shift in 133 years.
Know your enemy: the environmental regulator. | Pointman's
Criminally negligent government energy policies over power generation, combined with draconian regulatory regimes determined to close down coal generation capacity, will result in blackouts within the next few years, simply because there’s no viable replacement. The result of that will be the shutdown of manufacturing or its flight to other countries, who don’t have an intermittent third world power supply.

The effect of that catastrophe will be felt well outside manufacturing. Apart from the domestic misery it’ll cause, what business nowadays can function without computers or phones or indeed anything electrical?
My Rower Forecast | Real Science
The ice pack moved from ten miles off shore yesterday, to about one mile offshore today at the eastern end of the Beaufort Sea. Based on the drift forecasts for the next week, it appears quite likely that their route will be completely blocked with thick ice in a few days.
Greenland Summit Camp Moves Their Greenhouse To Keep It From Getting Buried By Ice | Real Science
The greenhouse (gray building) was located in the center of the picture for many years, but accumulating ice was burying it, so they moved it on top of the ice on the left side.

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