Monday, July 29, 2013


Central New Mexico Gets 30-50% Of Their Annual Rainfall In One Week – Government Says They Are Having An Exceptional Drought | Real Science

UK Heatwave In Perspective | NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT
[Philip Eden] Some people have already been trying to make comparisons with the hot, dry summer of 1976. This is plainly ridiculous.
Cool weather and scattered showers in store for the Tri-State - News, Weather & Sports
The Tri-state broke a record low Monday morning a CVG. The record was previously set at 55 degrees back in 1928. Temperatures were recorded at 54 degrees early Monday morning.
Cool High Temperatures Set Records in Ozarks -
JOPLIN, Mo. -- Temperatures barely edged into the 70's in many places around the Ozarks over the weekend, setting new records in two cities.

The National Weather Services says the high of 70 degrees in Joplin Sunday set a new record low maximum temperature for July 28. The old record of 77 was set in 1981.
EU farm aid unlikely to help cut farming emissions - experts - News - Point Carbon
LONDON, July 29 (Reuters Point Carbon) - A new EU policy to give farmers cash in return for making their production more environmentally-friendly is likely to do very little to cut emissions from agriculture over the next decade, researchers claim, putting more pressure on other sectors of the bloc's economy to meet targets to help tackle climate change.

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