Saturday, July 13, 2013


NPR Economists Explain Atmospheric Physics | Real Science
The connection between taxes and bad weather prevention is almost as clear as the connection between witches and people turning into newts.
Global Warming Lies Kill | Real Science
Governmental organizations like NASA have been disseminating a constant stream of misinformation about the state of climate, and in particular the state of the Arctic. Gullible young people often believe the propaganda, and put their lives at risk.
July, 1936 – Fifteen Consecutive Days Over 100F In Des Moines | Real Science

New York Times 1975 : Global Cooling Inevitable | Real Science

Articles: Solar Roads? Let's not get Excited
Apparently, a "solar-heated highway would be permanently heating (during winter months) at 40 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning snow wouldn't accumulate in the first place." This is indeed quite the claim. We know how cold it can get, even on occasion in the southern states (check out the record lows by state). In the northern heartland, extended periods of temperatures below -40 F with windchills on the order of -60 F occur. A solar road can maintain a road surface temperature of +40 F throughout such conditions? This seems impossible. Where are the energy balance calculations by the solar road proponents?
Expert Meteorologist: Data Show Little Change In Central European Precipitation Over Last 30 Years!
Globally, no trend in precipitation over past century!

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