Saturday, July 27, 2013


Middle England for wind turbines and expensive energy? Pull the other one. – Telegraph Blogs
I note that the green lobby is trying to spin the protests at Balcombe in East Sussex as Middle England in revolt against fracking. What absolute rot! Never mind that some of the protestors were seen sitting in comfy middle-class-style camping chairs and drinking tea out of actual china cups (there will always be the odd useful idiot at these events) – the fact is that this was part of a well-orchestrated campaign by the usual suspects of the green-stained hard left to close down Western industrial civilisation by whatever means they can.

Fracking is the best hope we all have of a quick economic recovery, lower energy prices and an end to the lunacy of onshore and offshore wind. Why, then, would any even half-way informed Middle Englishman or Middle Englishwoman oppose it?

Quite simply, they wouldn't.
Nobel Laureate Summer Reading – Part 3 | NoFrakkingConsensus
There’s nothing wrong with writing a sex-saturated novel. But IPCC chairman Rajendra Pachauri says this book is “all about spirituality.”
Rough Couple Of Weeks Ahead For Alarmists | Real Science
Not only has Arctic ice extent gone horizontal, but record below freezing cold is forecast for much of the Arctic over the next two weeks.
“Arctic Methane Bomb” Shows Quality Control At Nature And Mainstream Media Is Fatally Flawed
Geden reveals what this is really all about. It is not about sloppy quality control at Nature, but rather it’s about having thrown all quality standards overboard so that even highly imaginative fantasies about the future can find their way into the pages of Nature. It’s last desperate attempt by catastrophe obsessed ideologues to get attention over a dying narrative.

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