Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Twitter / hayburns: I must say, it's impressive ...
I must say, it's impressive how many of us DON'T know how to show up on time for AL GORE (among others) #Rude #CRinCHI
Twitter / NoPlanetaB [Planet-healers eat lunch out of planet-killing plastic boxes]
": @cllimatereality told us 2 speak up: Why r 1250+ ppl having lunch w Plastic Box?
I was a climate change denier -
Naomi Klein has argued that resisting climate change is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to win the world we’ve wanted all along; the proponents of climate change are the same enemies that the Occupy movement and its counterparts around the world have already marked.
Midwest Fishing Report: Lakes around Chicago fishingVoices | Voices
Things stabilize slowly after the impact of the record and near-record cold over the weekend
New EPA chief: Can everybody please “stop talking about environmental regulations killing jobs?” « Hot Air
For these guys, there is no good environmental problem or dilemma that could possibly deserve a private-sector, private-property, free-market, or local-government solution — the federal government always does it better (which is strange, because the inefficiencies and unintended consequences of big-government oversight apply just as easily to environmental degradation as they do to everything else). They really don’t care about the onerous costs of compliance for businesses and individuals, nor the accompanying transaction costs, nor the overall costs to our economy, because the only costs that matter to them are what they’ve pre-decided are the environmental ones. Regulation is a noble means to their inarguably glorious ends, and the Obama administration has used bizarre rules and tactics to prosecute everyone from major companies to private individuals. What’s more, they’re increasingly getting in the way of state sovereignty, because they know better, of course:
Notes on a Scandal
[From a new blog by Jaime Jessop] So you tell me, who are the mischief-makers, the cons, the liars, the cheats, the misanthropists hell bent on causing human misery? Is it us, the climate contrarians, voicing scepticism at the increasingly bizarre and scientifically suspect claims of climate alarmists, or is it the climate alarmists themselves, the generously funded research climate scientists, the politicians hanging on their every word and the greens piggy-backing on the loaded debate having long sensed a golden opportunity to push forward their ideological dream of decarbonising industry in favour of 'clean, green' wind and solar energy?

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Otter said...

'Proponents of climate change'?

Who is she talking about? God? I don't anyone else who could be a proponent of climate change, except the Person Who designed the physics behind it!