Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Country Ballad about Collateral Damage in the War on Coal Brings Down the House on Network TV
In some cases, neither the spoken nor written word is able to capture the emotional destruction wrought through disastrous public policy as does a simple tune. Perhaps this is why America was captivated when Jimmy Rose, enthralled audiences with a resounding refrain– “Coal Keeps the Lights On”
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Special Report: The Age of Plenty debunks alarmist claims of food shortages
IEEE Spectrum, the journal of the world's largest professional association for the advancement of technology, has a new special report dedicated to debunking the "surging current of alarm that we’re headed for a food doomsday by 2050—that the world’s food-producing capacity will crash before population peaks at 10 billion." The editors reply: "Don’t you believe it! Smart technology and better management policies will let us feed the hungry hordes to midcentury and beyond." "We are rich in food beyond all prior dreams, and yet there’s a swelling chorus of worry that we are headed for catastrophe, as population growth and climate change threaten food security. That anxiety is misplaced."
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper finds lunar-tidal cycles influence climate
A paper published today in the International Journal of Climatology finds the 18.6 year lunar-tide cycle influences rainfall and climate over adjacent land areas.
Malaria increased 6-fold in South Africa when it stopped using DDT |

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