Sunday, July 14, 2013


The Big Question For The Rowers | Real Science
As I pointed out last week, the question isn’t if they will exit the Northwest Passage – as there is no chance of that happening unless they are hitched to an ice breaker.

The real question is – will they ever enter the Northwest Passage?
Superstitious Morons Running The Show : The New Normal | Real Science
In 2011, Newsweek declared that tornadoes were the new normal.
Right before the two quietest tornado years on record.
In 1975, they blamed tornadoes on global cooling.
Twitter / glaciologytim: Come look at ...
Come look at , a brand new climate science website, with articles written by guest scientists!
Twitter / omnologos: If #Politics and #Economics ...
If #Politics and #Economics were like #Climate we'd be run by experts too clueless to understand their own cluelessness. (wait a moment...)

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