Sunday, July 14, 2013


The Phony “Green Economy” » Climate Resistance
A scan through the LCEGS taxonomy — the list of markets included in the LCEGS sector — reveals that the government has been playing fast-and-loose with categories. It includes the production and distribution of a number of fossil fuels. It includes thing as daft as rubber-band powered cars. It counts activities that are actively polluting as ‘environmental services’.
Imaginary Moral High Ground
So, the first way in which the U.S. is standing on imaginary moral high ground is where we are striving to prevent the recurrence of conditions that have manifested in the ocean-atmosphere system, dozens and dozens of times, in the past. What this is, in a nutshell, is anti-science. And there’s nothing morally uplifting about anti-science.
Quadrant Online - Can we really take the ocean's temperature?
No increase in air temperature, no increase in ocean temperature and no increase in the rate of global sea-level rise. These three independent but supporting indicators suggest that it is now past time to rethink climate policies that are aimed at ‘preventing’ dangerous global warming. - Panel addresses climate change
ABILENE -- The four panelists discussing climate change and its causes at the Eisenhower Center on Saturday afternoon disagreed not only on whether the Earth is warming because of human activity, but even whether it's warming.

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