Sunday, July 14, 2013


Blog: Evangelical Environmentalism
...The letter goes on to preach the tired environmental-activist mantra listing the results of man's sinful actions like hottest year on record (for less than two-percent of the Earth), wildfires, droughts, and public health outbreaks (all unfortunate but not too atypical).

The sin of course is modern human activity in prosperous nations. You know, the kind of sinful activity that has lifted so many out of poverty, protected them from never-ending "unusual" weather events, and dramatically contributed to healthy living. The very same kind of activity made possible by God's grace.
BBC News - Climate change: Ed Davey on science and energy policies
The "vast majority" of climate change scientists believe climate change was happening, and man-made activity was causing it, said the energy secretary.

Ed Davey said "we should always challenge the science", but only a "tiny number" thought it was not happening.

He called for more balance in the debate, as he spoke to Andrew Neil about government policies over climate change, global warming claims and renewable energy.
Antarctic Sea Ice Area Second Highest On Record For The Date | Real Science
Climate experts tell us that the polar ice caps are melting at alarming rates.
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: Have yourself, a Global Warming ...
Have yourself, a Global Warming Winter.
US Generated CFSV2 for upcoming winter continues to show cold

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