Friday, July 05, 2013


Another green scheme crashes | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
Why do so many green schemes collapse? Here’s the latest:
A message on the AusAID website states that the $47 million Kalimantan Forests and Climate Partnership (KFCP) in Indonesia has come to a close…
Parker, Arizona Has Had 3,525 Days Over 110F | Real Science
Climate alarmists have declared that 110 degree weather in Arizona proves that the dice are loaded. Let’s check their state of mental health by looking at the stats.

Parker, Arizona has had 3,525 days since 1893 over 110º, 690 days over 115º, and 51 days over 120º.

Parker has also had five days over 125º, all of which occurred in June 1896 and July 1905.
C3: Obama, Global Cooling Denier: Chinese, Americans & IPCC Gold-Standard Refute White House Anti-Science Stance
Empirical evidence and public polls don't lie, only politicians do - Obama's denial of global cooling temperature trends, despite the HadCRUT4 hard empirical evidence and the overwhelming views of the public, reflects his long-held ideologue, anti-science stance...a denier's stance that remains fanatically rigid, regardless of the IPCC's gold-standard of evidentiary facts

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