Monday, July 22, 2013


Dana Nuccitelli’s ‘vested interest’ ? – oil and gas | Watts Up With That?
This revelation about Dana working for a company that supports “big oil” in the form of oil and gas exploration and production may very well revoke Dana’s “green card”.

And ironically, Tetra Tech is big in mining too, for those that want to trash talk about Steve McIntyre’s work in the mining industry.
NYU Professor Says That Air Conditioning Makes It Hot | Real Science
SHOCK NEWS!!! : a progressive believes that he has the right to make other people miserable.
Twitter / RichardTol: Yesterday @MichaelEMann called ...
Yesterday @MichaelEMann called me a troll. Now it is @afneil's turn to be called a troll. #ifonlyhissciencewereascleverashisnamecalling
Twitter / LostTransport: @RichardTol @afneil its worth ...
@RichardTol @afneil its worth noting that when faced with talking to McIntyre at the NAS hearing, @MichaelEMann turned tail and ran. #coward
Global Warming Is Making Life Hell for Firefighters | Motherboard
It will be a deadly time to be a firefighter, sure, and the hazard pay will be through the roof—and without them, there might not be much in the way of inhabited structures in the Midwest and California.

Firefighters would be lucky if their new warming-induced hell ended there. But fire departments don't just fight fires. They respond to medical emergencies, too—like heat waves.
Twitter / etzpcm: "The inability of climate ...
"The inability of climate scientists to admit their ignorance is one of the reasons nobody trusts them"

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