Monday, July 22, 2013


- Bishop Hill blog - Dana's vested interest
Given all the fuss the Guardian makes about the alleged funding of sceptics by big oil, it's hard to see that they can credibly retain Mr Nuccitelli's services.
Intolerant: MSNBC calls plea for ‘tolerance’ from skeptic GOP Senator ‘disconcerting’ |

Bad for warmism: In-the-tank BBC asks ‘Why has global warming stalled?’ |

Republicans Seek to Limit Obama Climate Plan in 2014 Budget (1) - Businessweek
House Republicans proposed cutting the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget by a third and denying funds for a key part of President Barack Obama’s plan to combat global warming.
“By holding back overly zealous and unnecessary environmental regulations, this bill can have a positive effect on our economy and will help encourage job growth,” Committee Chairman Hal Rogers, a Kentucky Republican, said today in a statement.

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