Monday, July 22, 2013


Twitter / Huroner1: @etzpcm @afneil It's becoming ...
@etzpcm @afneil It's becoming clear that Andrew Neil's magnificent demolition of Ed Davey marks a turning point in climate media coverage.
New EPA chief exhorts agency staff to ‘act now on climate change’ - The Hill's E2-Wire
The Environmental Protection Agency “has a clear responsibility to act now on climate change,” the agency’s new chief said Monday in a video message to staff.

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, who was confirmed to replace Lisa Jackson last week, said the agency has reached a “defining time” in its history as it prepares to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.
Twitter / aDissentient: The odd thing about Science ...
The odd thing about Science Media Centre's warming pause paper is the anonymity of the scientists who advised. Shy?
Mapped: A hot hot summer of climate action | Grist
We’ve mapped all of this summer’s actions, past and planned, from puppet theater to kayak flotillas (!) to arrestable civil disobedience.

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