Monday, July 22, 2013


UAE ambassadors for the environment - The National
All delegates spent a day in training with Mr Gore and received detailed advice from him on how to most effectively present the latest in climate science.
The ultimate result will be to take the raw data and spread it as wide as we can,” said Allyson Sosa, who moved to the UAE in January. Man-Made Global Warming Scam. Wholesale Global Indoctrination On A Massive Scale
When we get down to intimately analysing the psychology ‘behind’ MMGW beliefs, we soon discover we are dealing with a subsidiary of biblical myth (end-time/ messianic ethos).

Three quarters of those who ‘believe’ in it have never identified or acknowledged the big difference between MMGW and climate change. This really is the vital crux of the matter.
[English major Chris Mooney takes unnecessary fossil-fueled trip to Alaska]: Why Won't This Cat Answer My Questions About Climate Change? | Mother Jones
So naturally, as my fiancée and I drove south through scenic Alaska on our way to Anchorage, and neared Talkeetna, I figured I'd try the Mayor out on the subject of climate change.
Turn your sweat into drinking water | Grist
A single dirty T-shirt only produces a third of an ounce of tasty fresh water

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