Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Detroit: The Greenest City in America

Earth’s self regulation of Carbon Dioxide is remarkably stable | Watts Up With That?

“What we learned is that in spite of droughts, floods, volcano eruptions, El Niño and other events, the Earth system has been remarkably consistent in regulating the inter-annual variations in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels,”
97 per cent of climate activists in the pay of Big Oil shock! – Telegraph Blogs
Here is Nuccitelli in his Guardian column only last week on sceptical stalwart Pat Michaels:

"Michaels has admitted that his funding comes heavily from the fossil fuel industry"
'Demand' for Nissan Leaf is All Hype and Subsidies | National Legal and Policy Center
It all adds up to an EV demand mirage, which dissipates upon closer scrutiny. If there was true clamor for the Leaf, there would be a lot more than 300 workers putting the things together in Tennessee.

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