Monday, July 22, 2013


Humanity is on a crash course with carbon - Mark Lynas - The Independent
Even at four degrees of warming there will be a global collapse in food production due to drought and heat stress of crops in main breadbasket areas.
The single and overriding priority for any environmentalist in the 400ppm world must be to quickly eliminate coal power.
There is no prospect whatsoever of us running out of coal – or indeed any other fossil fuel – in time to save the climate.
Flashback: So I just watched "The Island President" on iTunes
--Nasheed's climate advisor, Pie-Throwing Mark Lynas, is shown many times. How, exactly, did Lynas qualify as the guy that Nasheed trusted to judge the alleged influence of CO2 on bad weather?
--Clean-air heroes Nasheed (and Lynas) are shown enjoying nice, relaxing cigarette breaks.
Weather damaged wheat in China will drive prices up - ABC Rural (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Frost and weather damage in China may result in 20 million tonnes of Chinese wheat being declared unfit for human consumption, according to a grains trader from the NSW central west.
Corn Declines as U.S. Rains Boost Outlook for Record Production - Businessweek
U.S. corn production may rise to 13.95 billion bushels, 29 percent more than the previous season when crops were hurt by drought. The rebound will help boost global stockpiles to 150.97 million metric tons by the end of the 2013-14 marketing year, 22 percent larger than the previous season, according to the USDA.

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