Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Politicians go cold as climate issue heats up | theage.com.au
Instead of focusing on the looming peril of climate change, Australia's leaders have reduced the issue to counting the dollars and cents.
Humans Aren't Worst Polluters in History, Not Even Close - Blog
If you think humans are polluting the planet to a degree never before seen in history, well, "You're suffering from a species-level delusion of grandeur," insists science writer Annalee Newitz in her new book, Scatter, Adapt, and Remember. "We're not even the first creatures to pollute the Earth so much that other creatures go extinct." That foul distinction belongs to ancient cousins of ours: cyanobacteria. [Via MT]
Sea levels set for a 'continuing rise' for generations — The Daily Climate
Sea-level rise may be slow to show its hand but once it really starts, researchers say, it will keep going for centuries, with baleful effects.
Forbes Asks: “Requiem For Spanish Wind?”…High Costs, Poor Performance And Public Protest Dog Wind Power
Things are worse than we thought when it comes to renewable energy in Europe.

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